Optodot Corporation has been innovating in the nanotechnology space for more than twenty years.  Our cutting-edge advances originate from two broad materials platforms: nanoporous membranes and infrared (IR) optical coatings.

Nanoporous Membranes

Optodot’s nanoporous membrane technology platform offers customizable permeable layers whose distinctive features, including highly uniform pore sizes, are extremely desireable for a number of high-tech applications, including the energy storage and filtration sectors.  Our patented NPORE® battery separator technology provides strength and flexibility with the added benefit of high-temperature stability to improve battery safety. Optodot’s battery innovations are covered by more than 100 pending and issued patents worldwide.



  • Highly flexible and strong nanocomposite membranes
  • Exceptional heat stability, with <1% shrinkage above 200C
  • Uniform pore sizes with narrow pore size distribution
  • Highly customizable nanopore sizes, ranging from less than 10 microns to 100 microns


  • Battery separators for lithium batteries
  • Electrode-coated separators: a streamlined, advanced manufacturing process for lithium batteries
  • Filtration membranes

Infrared Optical Coatings

Optodot’s infrared optical coatings platform features nanocrystals of materials with exceptional absorption and index of refraction properties in nanoscale coating thicknesses.  This platform offers exceptional photo stability, IR blocking/reflecting, and digital imaging properties. The IR coating formulation and process yield a unique, easily identifiable “fingerprint” and wide IR absorption spectrum. When imaged with an IR laser, the laser exposure bleaches out the IR material forming an IR readable image.


Optodot has developed and commercialized IR security markings for the prevention of counterfeit and fraud.  In addition, we have designed infrared optical coatings for solar control and IR/RF window films.  


  • Strong infrared blocking/reflecting coatings over wide IR spectrum (from 700-1400 nm)
  • Laser imageable for high contrast IR readable markings
  • Invisible IR readable response for “go/no go” authentication
  • Unique IR layer offers high level of covert and forensic security protection


  • Invisible IR coatings/markings for anti-counterfeit and brand protection
  • Solar control window films
  • IR/RF window films
  • Anti-reflection films and coatings for the visible and IR regions
  • Holographic coatings