Organic Solar Cells


Organic solar cells offer lower cost materials compared to traditional inorganic solar cells. Optodot holds patents covering organic photovoltaic cells with new electron donor and hole transport materials.  These materials are strongly infrared-absorbing and convert sunlight to electricity in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared regions.



US 7,989,695, US 8,422,126


Benefits of Optodot’s patented organic cells include:

  • Infrared Absorption – Allowing for more efficient solar energy conversion
  • Higher Voltage – With an open current voltage of 1.0 volt
  • Visual Transparency – Suitable for use in transparent solar cell applications such as windows
  • Excellent Stability – To both sunlight and heat

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Optodot is actively looking for companies to license its organic photovoltaic technology, either as the sole material in the organic solar cell, or in combination with other photovoltaic materials.