Optodot delivers advanced products to three segments of the energy market. In an effort to address the world’s needs for better energy solutions, we developed advanced components based on nanotechnology for energy storage, energy conservation, and energy generation.


As crime, fraud and terrorism become a growing international concern, it is important to adopt new security features that will make it impossible to engage in illegal activity with false documents.

Our SIRE™ Secure Infrared coated films and laminates offer covert and forensic security in virtually any industry requiring asset security or product/document authentication.

Custom Infrared (IR) Optical Films

Optodot’s infrared (IR) optical materials have features that are desirable in a number of different applications. We frequently design custom solutions for customers looking for a unique combination of high visible transmission while maintaining significant IR blocking across a wide optical band.

Optical Communications

Optodot has a number of patents for optical communications, including optical switches, optical buffers, modulators, and photodectors. Our optical chip and component technology aims to enhance optical transport networks (OTNs) for operation at 100 Gbps and higher.